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The Rico Appreciation Project
Recent Entries 
28th-May-2006 10:09 pm(no subject)
OK, it's been a week and the scrapbooker I mentioned in the last post here hasn't gotten back to me yet. So I'm gonna get started on the collecting of pages. If you want to know the address to send your page to, just comment here and I'll get back to you. (I just like to know who I'm giving this info to.)

Today is May 28th, Father's Day is June 18th, so...is June 14th enough time for everyone?
23rd-May-2006 08:52 pm(no subject)
So you're probably wondering why I haven't posted any info yet about where to send your scrapbook pages (for those of you who aren't scanning and emailing them). Don't worry, I'm not slacking. A professional scrapbooker who is also a big fan of the show offered to help out with the book. So I sent her an email, and now I'm just waiting for her response.
21st-May-2006 07:13 pm - Scanning Pages
Someone asked me if it'd be ok to scan their page and email it to the person putting the book together. Since this will make things much easier for those of you overseas, (as well as anyone else) scans can be sent to: vmfathersday@gmail.com.
14th-May-2006 06:43 pm(no subject)
OK peeps, we need to get going on this project. I'm hoping we can have all the details worked out and be ready to pimp this by this weekend. (Oh and BTW, I do wanna go ahead and do this whether the news on Thursday is good or bad.)

So the main details from the last post I made here (but with new notes):
1)Delivery Still not sure what to do. Will keep looking for an alternate address
2)The who, how, and how much of making the book We're gonna go with the scrap book option using plastic sleeves and a binder. zimshan pointed out to me that getting it professionally binded meant the book would consist of copies of each page, rather than originals. As for who puts is together, I have no problem doing it, but I think it'd be best to offer the opportunity to everyone, since there might be super creative people out there who can do something really nice with it. And once a final decision is made as to who puts it together, we can work out the details of sending our pages to that person.
3)Guidelines as to what can and can't go on the pages We just need to work out details regarding page size (standard 8.5x11 seem ok to everyone?) and what might be considered appropriate or inappropriate.
4)Deadlines How long should we give everyone to put together a page and send it to the person putting the book together. And how long does the person putting to book together need? A week? Less? More?

So please leave some sort of feedback. I really don't like taking control of thing without input from others.
10th-May-2006 09:24 pm - Fleshing out the details
Details that need to be sorted out:

1)How to deliver I have no clue how to approach this one.
2)The who, how, and how much of making the book
Option 1 plastic protective sleeves are cheap. Each page can be placed inside a sleeve, then all the sleeves can be placed inside a 3 ring binder (also cheap), which can then be decorated all pretty-like. This is the low-tech way of doing this. The high tech way would be:
Option 2 The high tech option, find a cheap print shop that will use a nice looking type of binding. Even a cheap printer would be expensive, however, since most places usually don't have good rates unless the order is high.
So I say go with option 1, unless someone out there has access to some sort of cheap, quality binding methods (i'm lacking in verbosity tonite)
3)Guidelines as to what can and can't go on the pages

anything else?
10th-May-2006 12:23 pm - How it all began
It started about a week (heh, this was originally in my lj. by now it's been way more that a week) or so ago when I saw an entry in zimshan's lj about the awesomeness of Enrico Colantoni. Now, I've always loved Keith, he's my favorite thing about the show, and I've always appreciated the awesome job Rico does portraying him. But reading this entry kind of set off a spark in me, and I ended up thinking about how this guy really is underappreciated in the fandom.
So I left zimshan a comment, pretty much WORD-ing everything she said, and at the end, I mention how I felt like starting a Rico Appreciation Project. And then she replied to my comment saying she could totally get behind such a project.
So I mulled this over in my head for a bit. I figured a Rico Appreciation Project was indeed a good idea and was something I wanted to plan eventually, but for now I should be devoting my efforts to saving the show. But then a thought hit me. Father's Day.

Since Keith Mars is the best father on tv, I thought a cute idea for this project would be something Father's Day themed. And then this idea was backed up by brimtoast, who gave me the most awesome idea. It's inspired by The Red Book, a project the Lord of the Rings fandom did for Sean Astin. (who I personally always remember as Mikey from the Goonies) Anyone who wants to participate can create a page with whatever they want, and all the pages will be added to a book. I'm just gonna cut and paste from the IM, since she said it best:

brimtoast: and people could talk about Keith and how he's like their fathers or what he means to them and so on
brimtoast: And you could fill the rest of the pages with screencaps/photos and quotes from Keith/Veronica scenes

I really love this idea, so I hope we can pull this off.
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